Mohamad Ali Younesi

Direct Manager

    Mahdi Younesi

    Marketing Director

    Mohsen Younesi

    Financial Director

    Shaghayegh Ghobadi Rad

    Public Relations

    Farhang Ghanbari

    Sales Representative


We are living in a country that has fertile lands for agricultural and production .So,in iran we can have the best products in the field of agriculture, such as nuts and dried fruits. Younesi(Jonah)group began its activities in 2004 as a younesi company. our main approach is Product offerings with the highest quality and most reasonable, For this reason, we have significant progress in the field of Export of goods around the world, such as Switzerland, France, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, UAE and other countries , Our effort is Increase the services in terms of providing the highest quality for customer satisfaction . This site is designed to help, cooperation, and provide information to you. With the hope that we can take a big step in business ,By providing divers range of products in the field of nuts and dried fruits and other products.